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60% of all college freshmen don’t finish school where they begin. Students pick schools for reasons that make sense to them but are usually based on emotional rationalization, not out of a logic-based method.

Top reasons students choose one school over another include:

  • Their friends are going there
  • Favorite college sports team
  • Having a party school reputation
  • Perceived quality of education

Additionally, many times students will pick college majors for the wrong reasons which result in changing their major several times, extending their time in school.

Because of the above listed poor choices only 14% of college freshmen will graduate in four years, and currently the national average is 5.6 years to complete a four-year college degree.

Using our logic-based method, we show students the right way to pick their career, college major, and the university that will get them their degree. Call us today to minimize what can be a very emotional time in a young adult’s life.