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Parents often bear the burden from lack of planning, both on their part and that of their student. Oftentimes, a family will spend more time planning a family vacation or buying a car than they do planning for college. The financial consequences can have a lasting effect for years to come.

Even when planning is attempted, there are many mistakes that parents can fall into because of a lack of understanding of how the college selection/planning process has changed since they went to school.

Relying on the family’s CPA, financial advisor, high school guidance department, or advice from friends can often further cloud the decision-making process through misinformation.

Parents often pick schools because of sticker price, settling for the “cheaper” public school, or one that is geographically convenient if emergencies should arise. Perceived “quality of education” at one institution or because one parent attended a particular school is another example of bad planning that results in “bad fits”.

These are some of the top contributing reasons why the national average for students to obtain a 4-year college degree is 5.6 years. With the cost of attendance averaging from $12,000 to $55,000 per year, that’s a lot of extra money that could have been better conserved within the family through proper planning.

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