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Troy Schader, CCPS
National Institute of Certified College Planners

Everyone knows the value of good education. For those that don’t, the only thing more expensive than paying for college is living life without a college education.

College educated individuals can earn 2-4 times as much over their lifetime as someone who is just a high school graduate. As a financial advisor, I have seen many families make critical mistakes that have lifelong effects on the overall financial health of both parents and students.

Lifestyles are limited, student loans can saddle a student’s life for years to come and retirements are delayed or cramped.

Many times a family will pick a university because of the wrong reasons: favorite football team, alma mater of the parent, or beacuse of its proximity to home.

At College Tuition Solutions of Florida we first match the student to a career, THEN a degree, THEN a university. We use a series of Personality Type assessments combined with academic planning, and special college financial planning strategies to help save a family thousands of dollars and wasted years in school for the student.

Call us for an appointment today, and let us help you through this stressful time in your family’s life.